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Stayed home cuz I was sick today...

Well let me type what I didn't type yesterday.

Upon my surfing of live journal I was directed to a very interesting place. I got to witness one very 'opinionated' (polite for obnoxious bitch) fanfic reader (if someone so rude can indeed be called that) be flamed and so forth. Very interesting, indeed...

I really never knew that fanficiton had so much politics involved. All these wars with words such as 'elitist' and 'critic' being thrown around...*shakes head*. Just where the hell have I been? Wait...I can answer that...just minding my business and being content with my own fictions. Yep yep.

Will I ever find a particular place here? There seems to be just too much going on for little old me...but we'll see.
To tell you the truth...I'm feeling kinda nauseous...its the damned sickness...

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